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Innovation for Data Elaboration in Heritage Areas

An intelligent open source system connecting information validated by scientific research for a better knowledge of Italian tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage.


What an IDEHA!



IDEHA intends to adopt fruition models for cultural heritage which facilitate the knowledge and a better understanding of the contents and the intrinsic value of the cultural assets. In short, IDEHA makes the invisible visible.

Technological challenges

Immersive experience

Memory enhancement through virtual reconstructions, HBIM models, 360° photos and videos

IoT data integration

Data integration in real time from environmental sensors structured in a network of interactive contents to spread knowledge

Artificial Intelligence

Development of decision support systems for the management and the planned conservation of Cultural Heritage

IDEHA core & Phases in progress

A catalogue of resources that enumerates, indexes and makes different entities searchable: content (research datasets, 3D models, information model files), tools and services (HBIM, digital libraries, viewers, GIS, etc.).

Phase in progress
OR1 60%

A platform that is able to aggregate different types of content: real-time, coming from sensors, IoT, social networks and other crowd-based content.

Phase in progress
OR 3 80%

Information from HBIM systems.

Phase in progress
OR 2 55%

Research data, coming from traditional instrumentation for diagnostics and conservation.

Phase in progress
OR 2 60%

Contextual data from different fields of humanistic research: Archival and Library Sciences, History, Philology, Linguistics etc.

Phase in progress
OR1 80%

A suite of front-end services for navigating and enjoying multilevel and multichannel collected resources, also accessible with mobile devices.

Phase in progress
OR6 | OR4 | OR5 | OR2 80%

A series of innovative services for immersive use; artificial intelligence applications for Cultural Heritage, for the development of decision support systems and systems for planned conservation.

Phase in progress
OR6 | OR5 80%

Public-private partnership

IDEHA Test Sites