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An intelligent open source system connecting information validated by scientific research for a better knowledge of Italian tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage.

What an IDEHA!

The importance of context

A cultural asset holds precious information not only related to its historical and artistic value, but also to its territorial context. IDEHA allows us to perceive the presence of the changes the asset has gone through over time due to environmental conditions, natural disasters or human action.

Accessibility and interoperability

IDEHA responds to the need to organise the complex set of data on Cultural and Landscape Heritage. How? With a more structured, standardised, computerised manner to interact automatically with other information systems, facilitating the interoperability of historical, formal, constructive, structural, physical and environmental data of assets. IDEHA innovates the management processes of cultural heritage, improving its conservation thanks to the new paradigm of Heritage Building Information Modelling (HBIM).

A new frontier of Cultural Heritage access

IDEHA wants to add value to the traditional fruition of Cultural Heritage, such as a visit to a museum or an archaeological site, enhancing the contents through the use of new tools, languages ​​and services, to make visible what is not visible and accessible what is less known about our Cultural Heritage.

Field experimentation through management, conservation and fruition

IDEHA aims at Italian Cultural Sites and Landscapes: monuments, archaeological areas, prestigious buildings, rural areas, museums involved in the dissemination of culture, also with permanent or temporary events and exhibitions. The dual role of container and promoter of cultural production makes these sites particularly vulnerable and challenging to manage, as it is necessary to guarantee their conservation and maintenance and, at the same time, ensure the accessibility for visitors and the safety of the works of art exhibited.

Interdisciplinary and cross-cutting sectors thanks to a public-private partnership

The IDEHA project, co-funded by the European Union - FESR and FSE, National Operational Programme on Research and Innovation 2014-2020, is led by the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), the largest Italian public research institution, engaging in particular its Department for Social Science and Humanities, Cultural Heritage (DSU). IDEHA involves a public-private partnership made up of 19 partners that work ininterdisciplinary and cross-cutting sectors in the field of Cultural Heritage: 10 CNR research institutes, among which the Institute of Heritage Sciences (CNR ISPC) is the scientific coordinator, 4 Universities and 5 Companies.