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IDEHA in a nutshell

Towards a sustainable heritage management



IDEHA uses

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT),

to connect the essential aspects related to the understanding, fruition and preservation of Cultural Heritage


IDEHA core & Phases in progress

A catalogue of resources that enumerates, indexes and makes different entities searchable: content (research datasets, 3D models, information model files), tools and services (HBIM, digital libraries, viewers, GIS, etc.).

Phase in progress
OR1 60%

A platform that is able to aggregate different types of content: real-time, coming from sensors, IoT, social networks and other crowd-based content.

Phase in progress
OR 3 80%

Information from HBIM systems.

Phase in progress
OR 2 55%

Research data, coming from traditional instrumentation for diagnostics and conservation.

Phase in progress
OR 2 60%

Contextual data from different fields of humanistic research: Archival and Library Sciences, History, Philology, Linguistics etc.

Phase in progress
OR1 80%

A suite of front-end services for navigating and enjoying multilevel and multichannel collected resources, also accessible with mobile devices.

Phase in progress
OR6 | OR4 | OR5 | OR2 80%

A series of innovative services for immersive use; artificial intelligence applications for Cultural Heritage, for the development of decision support systems and systems for planned conservation.

Phase in progress
OR6 | OR5 80%